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* 0.75µm resolution, 400X/200X, 3-5s quick focus in one-way to save time
* Multiple terminals support, no driver needed. Probe can work with PC/Notebook/Tablet/smartphone/OTDR
* image capture button and inner light source adjustment on the probe for easy operation


With the further development of fiber optic network technology, the traditional straight-type fiber end-face inspection tips can’t meet some needs of scenarios like hard-to-access areas, high-density panels, or ADSL Modem inspection. ES (Eternal Science) designed and launched a series of handheld inspection tips to cover the regular and special cases, for the 90% regular connectors and in-adaptors. Over 50+ tips have been put into use, high consistency reaches 99%, they’re all compatible with ES probes. Plus, the great precision of tips makes sure each end face is checked at a speed and accurate alignment for easy hand-on use.
Users can check the regular tips below for reference, and contact us for the latest info.




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