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About US

We’re founded in Shenzhen China 2001 and it’s the first manufacturer and supplier in China dedicating to the research, development, production, and sale of fiber optic inspection and cleaning, fiber end face auto-approval, and auto analysis solutions. We transformed our major businesses from the complete trading agent into the self-developed company and manufacturer combo, doing OEM/ODM, etc., service in 2002. We acquired the intellectual property from W&L Development pty,ltd in Australia and build our own brand AusBest for the whole fiber end-face inspection solutions in 2003.

For years, we commit to serve our customers, fully communicate and understand their needs, and build one-class products and services at the moderate price. We welcome any corporation anytime anywhere and contact us today to start a good corporation soon in China.

Product Advantages

Over 18 years, we’ve developed over thirty types of fiber optic microscopes and hundreds of fiber kits to meet different industries’ needs, from the basic fiber patch cord to high-end optical transceiver production test, to optical equipment integration, optical network installation, operation, and maintenance inspection and cleaning. some of the products are already well designed and built mature enough to gain competitive advantages compared with the peers in the profession.

Our Values

We endeavor to fully understand users’ application scenarios, dig out the potential need and solve the user’s most headache test points. We strive to design and build the most practical, easy use, and low-cost inspection solutions. We devote to develop strong-to-strong business relations with our customers. Now we work with thousands of distributors, hundreds of manufacturers, and some industry giant companies as their reliable suppliers in China Mainland and some other regional countries.

Purchase from us before the price of raw materials increases !

Why choose Eternal Science

Fast shipping

DHL/FedEx/NTT etc., air freight for 6-8 days door-to-door service for fastest goods shipment to the global area.

Product Advantages

Versatile inspection products to meet various check situations, from basic manufacture kits QC process to the complicated data center field test.

Instant Response

One-to-one live chat to answer customer questions, 24×7 customer service to quick response and 1-2 days to quick quote for the customers.

Quality Assurance

Products are committed to the CE, RoHS certifications, also product design patents.

Customize Service

Self-develop and factory advantages help the customer easily to tail specific needs. Support specific tips, adaptors design, and second-development for fiber face software.

Inventory Management

Adequate inventory to ship the goods once the order is confirmed. 1-2 days fastest days to ship off from the purchase of the order.

Cost Control

The strict process of cost control on resources and management guarantees customers the most saving with high-quality products and moderate pricing.

After sales service

12 months free after-sale service and life-long maintenance service for whole products. Support optional 24m, 36m additional maintenance service.



Package and Shippment

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We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@szetn.cn”