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Automated Wifi Fiber Optic Probe, Professional engaged in the fiber end face inspection over 20 years, China Fatest 7-day scopes delivery Manufacturer.

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Check out our most popular hotting selling product FVO-730B, which supports multiple terminal connections. Connect PC, cellphone, OTDR, video display anytime anywhere together with versatile tips connection. Regular PC/APC, long-reach, MPO, MT, and angle tips for hard-to-access corners in the high-density data center, etc., fiber maintenance scenarios. 

Customize your Automation System

We can help build your whole fiber automation system  from the PRODUCTION to CLEAN, and FINAL FIBER END FACE AUTO APPROVE QC Process.

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Product Videos Show

  • Two-in-one ETN3000B Microscope
  • Automated ETN3000C Fiber Optic Microscope

  • FVO-730B-P Field test Fiber Scope
  • Automated EFW-300P Fiber Probe
  • FVO-750B-P2  Field test Fiber Scope
  • EDV-838 Optic Fiber Cleaner
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We research, develop and design over the twenties types of inspection products, all patents reserve.


Products are certified to CE, RoHS standard. 


We manufacture thousands upon thousands of products over 20 years.


We can’t wait to offer you high-class products with the best service.

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Recommended Probe

FVO-730B-P fiber optic inspection probe is recommended by YOKOGAWA AQ1210 OTDR, AQ7280 OTDR to work with except for the Lightel scope.

Choose the YOKOGAWA website and find out under the AQ1210/AQ7280 OTDR functions recommendation introduction.

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