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FVO-750B-P2 USB Digital Fiber Inspector

Quick View

* 400X/200X, 1-3s undirectional one-way focus for quick check
* PC/Notebook/Tablet/smartphone/OTDR all connect support, no driver needed
* image capture and inner light source adjustment for clear observation


Product Overview

ES SpeedyTest FVO-750B-P2 fiber-optic end-face tester is the new upgraded digital video fiber inspection probe equipped with a 4.5-inch video display. The display can take fiber photos, and videos on the testing spot and store data for easy transfer via SD card or USB connection. The SpeedyTest FVO-750B-P2 inspector can also be directly connected to the computer, laptop, OTDR, Android cellphone, or tablet, which is a full-functional all-in-one optical fiber end-face inspection microscope. It can be widely used in 4G/5G network installation, data center maintenance, national aviation, and defense application.

The updated version not only stays the original image clear, and transparent, but can also be equipped with high-precision algorithm testing based on the latest IEC 61300-3-35 standard or user-defined criteria, and have fiber end face verified with fast and objective judgement. The corresponding Pass/Fail results and reports can be also used by equipment manufacturing and scientific research departments for filing management and record.


Product Highlights

  • 400X/200X magnification, <1 µm resolution
  • Unidirectional one-way focus,  1~3s get an image
  • Inner light source control to observe the dark dots scratches with ease
  • 4.5-inch display to capture and video data
  • 50+ tips for UPC, APC, MPO, 60 angled inspection to test different adaptors
  • Support Windows, Linux OTDR, Laptop, Android cellphone, tablet
  • Optional latest IEC 61300-3-35 Pass/Fail Analysis or customized standard
  • Universal USB port for reliable signal transfer
  • Removable cable for easy maintenance
New Update probe
SpeedyTest FVO-750B-P2 fiber-optic end-face inspection detector, unique one-way focusing design, any forward or backward focusing,  on or back of the flick, it can quickly help locate the end-face in 1~3s. Upgraded focusing, more in line with ergonomic design, together with the lengthened probe, it’s more simple and convenient to get the end position in seconds, especially under the in-adaptor test. The front end of the probe is equipped with lighting to facilitate the inspection of dark corner ports.  All capture, and light source adjustment function keys are located on the front body, regardless of positive grip, or anti-grip, it’s easier to hold for engineers’ site work.

New upgraded DM45 Display

Eternal upgraded DM45 display, it keeps not only the original function of video and capture, SD card save feature, but also expands the whole window of the test field. 16:9 size helps to expand the field of view to 500µm x 275µm, which fully covers the IEC standard A/B/C/D area to check the whole fiber end face.
The new display supports multiple language operation, equipped with a 32G storage card, it can be standard alone by a bracket on the cabinet or wrist on the arm for the operation to save the manpower. Built-in high capacity lithium battery supports up to 6hrs operations to meet a full day of work. Equipped with the locking key on the display port, it can ensure a more stable signal in connection. The whole screen is shock-proof, water-proof, and resistant to high temperatures up to 70°for outdoor tests.


Regular, APC, 60 angle, and long-reach tips selection

Over 50+ regular tips are developed for customer selection. Regular tips can cover 90% of connectors inspection, all are
interchangeable for ES probes and reach 98% consistency and accuracy, including a regular test on SC PC/APC, LC PC/APC, 100G, 400G transceiver, TOSA, ROSA assembly, MT, MPO PC/APC 12, 24, 72 cores all various connectors or bulkhead, in-adaptor endface.

Special 60 angled and long-reach tips are developed purposely for the ADSL Modem, and high-density panel check, which makes another competitive edge.

The accuracy of the probe is higher than 0.002 taper connection end, to ensure rapid alignment and imaging of the end face. All the inspection tips are made of 304 stainless steel, to guarantee the precision of the conical surface kept even longer for 10 years.


 All-in-one connection

Eternal Science upgraded fiber inspection probe, can support all the connections, either on Windows/Linux laptop, OTDR, Android tablet, cellphone. Only one USB cable connects all, optionally with the PASS/FAIL analysis feature to auto-approve the end face based on the latest IEC standard or user-defined criteria.

Product Specifications

FVO-750B-P2 Probe    DM45 Display
Magnification 400X / 200X Resolution 1920 x 1080
Resolution <1μm Diameter Φ25
View of field X: 500

Y: 275 mm

Function Video, Capture, brightness control
Focus way Single-way Voltage 5V
Focus time 1-3s Power support 3400mAh Li-ion
Alignment >98% Working time ≥ 5h
Light source Blue LED Connectivity USB type C
Weight 110g Size/Weight  163 x 100 x 35 mm/200g
OS compatibility Android 4.4 or above
iOS 8.1 or above
Windows 7.8.10
SD card storage  32G





Product Configurations


Items Description Quantity
FVO-750B-P2 Probe To test the fiber end face from patch cords /bulkhead etc., PC/APC connectors 1pcs
Tips SC-PC-F, FC-PC-F, LC-PC-F, 2.5-M 1 pcs/type
DM45 Display Hold all devices and kits 1pcs
View software/app FFV Software/ Fibereye2 app to display the fiber image on PC/smartphone. 1pcs
Soft bag Hold all devices and kits 1pcs


EFD5.0 fiber data analysis software, three-year free upgrade


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