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Model: EDV-838

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* Filed of clean extend to the whole cremaic edge
* All-in-one use to clean both male patch cords or female transceivers, in-adaptor connectors
* Clean SC, FC, E2000, ST, LC,MU PC/APC 1.25mm and 2.5mm end face
* 1500+ clean times for the whole package


The study shows that 80% of fiber network failures are due to dirty connectors. Eternal Science designed EDV-838 fiber optic cleaner provides an electronically-aided removal of microscope particles from bulkhead connectors and ferrule types. It can clean the residue, dirt, dust, and debris on the fiber end face within 3-5s under 250-400 times high-speed electrical rotation. It firmly sucks contaminants into its tiny hole material, takes the contaminants away to clean the end face thoroughly without any residue. The cleaner has a detachable adaptor for both male and female ferrule two-in-one inspection, and two specifications for 1.25mm (MU/LC ) and 2.5mm two types (SC/FC/ST) of fiber end face clean selection. The clean result meets IEC/IPC standards and can greatly prevent signal loss during the network transmission.


Key Features
  • Dry clean to remove dust, dirt, stubborn stain.
  • Clean both 2.5mm and 1.25mm female bulkhead, male patch cord, ferrule, etc., fiber end face.
  • Flexible rotation for narrow space clean.
  • 3~5s quick clean, 95% consistency, and clean. 
  • Up to 30-50 times use for each consumable clean stick, total of 1500-2500 clean times.
  • The clean whole area of the ferrule end face and the surrounding ceramic and the clean result exceeds IEC/IPC standard.



Model Description Quantity
EDV-838 body Cleaner body 1pcs
EF125 Consumable Clean LC/MU etc., 1.25mm fiber end face 25pcs
EF250 Consumable Clean SC/FC/ST/E2000 etc., 2.5mm fiber end face 25pcs
125M/F Adaptor To locate EF125 consumable 1pcs
250M/F Adaptor To locate EF250 consumable 1pcs
Box 1pcs
EF110 Consumable


Special for 1.1mm end face clean 1pcs


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