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ETN3000B AutoFocus

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* Auto focus to avoid man-made judge mistake
* 99% Stability and Consistency for batch inspection
* 0.5µm ultra-high definition to identify the finest scratch, dirt


Dedicated to the more intelligent and comfortable use auto-focusing system, the ETN3000B Autofocus benchtop fiber optic microscope is developed by Eternal Science based on accumulated years of industry inspection experience. Frequent manual operation, limited by individual cognitive differences, is more likely to have man-made misjudgment. For example, sometimes operators may inadvertently get a blurred image when facing a large batch inspection, which gives risks of the potential missing and ignoring of the testing flaw. When it comes to the final quality delivery to the end customer,  it may get into the trouble of endless quality arguing issues. To help build a completely effective quality management system,  ETN3000B Autofocus is the ideal testing solution for the potential problem. It can guarantee each fiber image is fully focused, and clear enough objectively, and testing results are 99% stable and consistent to eliminate human error.


Eternal Science desktop fiber optic microscope ETN3000B Autofocus was firstly released in 2018, with four years of continuous optimization, the product is far more mature than what was offered in the early years, either in the image definition, inspection speed, or the user experience.  Especially, it can quickly autofocus one core in 0.5~1s to save time and hands greatly.  Integrated with the HD display, ETN3000B Autofocus can quickly spot the finest scratch, dirt with super ease.  It’s best suited for batch inspection and lab tests in quality control.


Product Highlights

  • 400X/200X Magnification, 0.5µm/0.75µm resolution
  • 0.5~1s speedy for one core to save time and reduce man-made mistakes
  • 99% stability and consistency for repeated batch operation
  • Resolution adjustable to meet different QC standards
  • Laptop connect, bar code scan, record and save data optionally for files management
  • Support both single and multi-fiber core connectors, 100G, 400G transceiver inspection, including but not limited to the MPO/MTP/MT PC/APC ferrule, patch cord,  FA 0,6,8 angle, SC/FC/LC/E2000 PC/APC male connectors, TOSA, ROSA, BOSA, etc., assembly support


Full-field high-definition end coverage

For any single-core test, ETN3000B Autofocus can adjust the field up to 3 x 3 mm. For any multi-core inspection, ETN3000B Autofocus can cover the whole view up to 8 x 4 mm, especially for the entire 72-core MPO products detection,  autofocus relieves the tedious work and helps save the trouble and worry.

ETN3000B AutoFocus is also compatible with the double-test two-in-one magnification ETN3000B-S, which improves the test efficiency greatly. It can not only detect the scratches fiber details at a large rate but also covers the small rate like ceramic edge at the same time.  400X/200X, 400X/80X, 400X/70X, 400X/50X, 200/80X, 200X/70X , 200X/50X are offered for selection, a real sense to achieve full field of view, high-definition speed test.


Flexible data output transmission 

ETN3000B AutoFocus integrated desktop fiber microscope can be connected to the computer for image data output, and file record with ES self-developed software ‘FiberFaceViewer’, ‘FiberDataAnalyzer’ etc.,  Or ETN3000B can also be compatible with ES Speedytest FVO-730B hand-held tester, taking the ultra-high integrated display as the image outlet on the contrary. Either way can help to realize the functions of data image output and transmission.


Auxiliary functions for selection

ETN3000B AutoFocus integrated fiber optic microscope supports scanning code storage, photography, pedal trigger, etc., multi-functional features. 40+ adaptors are designed to meet various types of connectors, ferrule, and transceivers, plus the customized adaptors, fully meet the end-user need.

Product Specifications

No. Item Model


ETN3000B-MM ETN3000-MF ETN3000B-MT
80X 200X 400X 200X 400X
1 Primary Inspection Regular single fiber as LC/SC connectors, patch cord, ferrule PC/APC fiber male end face. Regular single fiber as TOSA/ROSA assembly, QSFP/SFP-SC/LC transceivers, in-adapter, bulkhead PC/APC fiber female end face. Multifiber as MPO, MT ferrule PC/APC male end face.
Optional Inspection Certain types of multiple fibers as MPO without pin fiber end face. Single fiber LC/SC, multifiber fiber male end face. Single fiber LC/SC PC/APC male end face.
2 Definition 2μm 0.75μm 0.5μm 0.75μm 0.75μm
3 Fiber Core Diameter Φ16 Φ40 Φ75~Φ80 Φ40 Φ75~Φ80
4 Field of View 400: 247×189μm, 200: 500×384μm
5 Focus way Autofocus
6 X/Y axis adjustment Support
7 Display 8.0” TFT HD (15.3cm×11.2cm)
8 Power supply DC 12V 0.8A
9 Optional Function 1. USB built-in to connect PC   2. Pass/Fail fiber end face analysis    3. SD built-in card for capture and storage

4. Lithium battery for convenient carrying   5. Assorted clamps for different inspections

10 Weight/Dimension L×W×H(Max):  295mm×200mm×265mm / 0.5KG
11 Antistatic function Support
12 Work Temperature

/Storage Temperature

-10℃~60℃(14℉~140℉) / -20℃~70℃(-4℉~158℉)


Products Configuration


ETN3000B-MM Bench Microscope Description Quantity
ETN3000B-MM 400X/200X selection for autotest bench microscope 1pcs
1.25mm universal adaptor Test 1.25mm patch cord as LC PC connectors 1pcs
2.5mm universal adaptor Test 2.5mm patch cord as FC/SC/ST PC connectors 1pcs
12V Power Supply 1pcs
ETN3000B-MF Bench Microscope Description Quantity
ETN3000B-MF 200X Autotest bench microscope 1pcs
LC-PC adaptor Test SFP-LC PC transceivers 1pcs
SC-PC adaptor Test SFP-SC PC transceivers 1pcs
1.25mm universal adaptor Test 1.25mm patch cord as LC PC connectors (optional)
or TOSA, ROSA assemblies
2.5mm universal adaptor Test 2.5mm patch cord as FC/SC/ST PC connectors(optional) 1pcs
12V Power Supply 1pcs
ETN3000B-MT Bench Microscope Description Quantity
ETN3000B-MT 400X/200X selection for autotest bench microscope 1pcs
MT PC adaptor Test MT PC connectors 1pcs
MT APC adaptor Test MT APC connectors 1pcs
12V Power Supply 1pcs


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