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What are the most advantages of the double rate fiber optic microscope, two magnifications in one scope?

As we all know, the conventional dual magnification fiber optic microscope on the market is normally 400X/200X, 200X/80X two magnifications switch in one scope or are shown at the same time. High-rate is to test the fiber details, small-rate is to inspect a larger range of vision, for a dual purpose to improve the efficiency of factory inspection. But is that all its real value? What other possible magnifications can we choose? only for 400X/200X, 200X/80X, or do we have any other options?

We can’t be sure how the traditional scopes develop but we would like to tell you that ES (Eternal Science) ETN3000 series two-in-one magnifications fiber-optic bench microscope has more than the value you can imagine, far beyond the traditional benefits. How does it work? em….are you ready? Here we go, let’s dig out MORE for its real practical benefits now.

The ceramic edge can be checked completely at one shoot? Oh My God!!!

Practical benefit one: the most purpose of a small rate is to test the LC ceramic edge. If any crack or dust on the edge is found, the effect is negative. Especially for the dust, say if we qualify the cable end face in the A, B, C core area and output the shipment to our end-user customers. But after the up and down transportation, it may be possibly tested to be unqualified finally by the customer due to the shift of the dust from the edge to the core area, what should be we do then?

If we have ES dual magnification scope ETN3000 on hand, maybe the situation will be changed. Unlike the traditional scope, no matter the LC module, LC patch cord, or LC component assembly, all its diameter is super small, and the ceramic edge can be checked completely at one time at a small rate on ES scope.

For any patch cord or assembly inspection, a 400X/70X or 400X/50X double magnification fiber microscope can totally avoid the problem. For any transceiver or module inspection, a 200X/70X or 200X/50X solves it similarly. The edge on the small rate can be checked as below image shown.

80X Magnification 70X Magnification 50X Magnification
Needs to adjust up and down The whole ceramic edge can be seen Check the crack on the ring

Ceramic ends are easy to reflect the light. Are you sure it can be seen clearly?

Practical benefit two: ES fiberscope has two lights paths for brightness control. ES microscope checks the fiber detail cores under the high light and checks the reflective ceramic edge under the low light. With two different lights on, all the cracks and defects can be easily observed without any hiding.

Large rate under bright high light Small rate under dark low light
large_rate small rate

Still can’t see some scratch?

Practical benefit three: What kind of scratch can’t be seen? If they’re just weak scratches, minimum scratches, shallow scratches, thin scratches, is that necessary for all the inspections? For the factory, according to the standard, batch qualification is the ultimate goal. The ultra-clear standard may cause the opposite result for the final batch test. If one microscope can adjust its definition to meet the different resolutions, shallow scratch is no longer a problem finally. Adjusting any time for the slightly changed resolution to meet different level QC needs for the different manufacturers is the ES ETN3000 Series bench microscope another feature. Users or operators can adjust the device with ease.

So improve the inspection efficiency?

Practical benefit four: Absolutely improves, one-time focus with two fiber face shown, no need to switch the screen, no need to turn around, left, right, up and down compared with the traditional operation inspection. One time check solves all the time-consuming points.

Needs up and down adjustment One time check

What about MPO test? How does it improve the efficiency?

Practical benefit five: 6-7 cores can be displayed at one time under the small rate. The operator can quickly locate the problem cores and set priority to test the faulty one firstly, and increase the test overall.

24 cores check 12 cores check

Any other optional value-added feature?

Practical benefit six: an autofocus feature can be optionally added to free the manual labor work, especially when work focuses 10000 times per day, it can unlock the fatigue of manual work. But most of all, it can quickly adjust the focus in 1s to avoid any inconsistent man-made focus, blurry or man-made judgment mistake. Repeatedly plug 99% image uniform, do not miss any clear focus of the end ~

Practical benefit seven: 40+ multiple different adaptors can be added to the device to satisfy the different needs, or customized for different purposes ~

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