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How to do LC/E2000 APC inspection? ES Long reach tip test solution

LC APC, E2000 APC Long Reach Inspection Solution

With the steady and orderly progress of the “New infrastructure”, 5G infrastructure — big data centers — are being built everywhere. At the same time, problems such as the breakdown of optical fiber networks and the increase of optical network losses are also being paid more attention to.  In the process of construction, it is very necessary to check whether the end face of the optical fiber connector is clean enough or not, including the end face of the tail fiber and the flange, in-adaptor or module interface, to avoid any pollution and secondary pollution caused by equipment failure. However, in the actual case, some of the flange head is hidden inside the frame, which makes it difficult for engineers to remove the body frame to clean the fiber at the other end of the flange. In view of this situation, we put forward a third-generation extension testing program, using high precision processing and appropriate optical transformation, 80 mm effective extension of the distance to make the far end of the fiber end of the inspection easier, no longer sigh for the last centimeter.

Below is the contrast of the old plan and new solution between LC-APC and E2000-APC inspection.

NameLC APC inspection
Old Plan
LC APC inspection
New Plan
E2000 APC inspection
Old Plan
E2000 APC inspection
New Plan
Part No.LC-APC-L1LC-APC-L3E2000-APC-L1E2000-APC-L3
ImageLC-APC cableE2000-APC cableE2000 APC cable
Tip Length78mm80mm78mm80mm
ApplicationLC APC end face in adaptor/bulkhead/transceiver LC APC end face in adaptor/bulkhead/transceiver E2000 APC end face in adaptor/bulkhead/transceiver E2000 APC end face in adaptor/bulkhead/transceiver
Image Clarity Good Very GoodGood Great
CentralizationGood Very Good Good Great

Apparently from above, we can see that the new design tip of LC-APC-L3 has greatly improved the performance of the fiber end face centralization and resolution. And the goal of easy use and performance optimization, better user experience for the final end technician personnel is the key and ongoing consideration in our tip development.

LC PC End Face Long Reach Inspection

Similarly, with the widespread of data centers and 5G applications, the requirement for high-speed transceivers is stricter and stricter. Accordingly, the quality control and check for transceiver production, especially for the QSFP transceiver inspection with the fiber optic inspector are super necessary. Therefore we develop the third version of the LC long reach tip for consideration. With high precision machining and optical transformation, the problem of end face test with pull ring module/transceiver is easily solved. 

Below is the reference for the LC PC inspection comparison.

Name LC plan(Other company)LC plan (ES tip)LC long reach old plan LC long reach new plan
Image LC-PC_guowai LC-PC-Cable_ES LC-PC-01-CableLC-PC-Cable_02_ES
Tip length14mm32mm78mm80mm
Application LC APC end face in adaptor/bulkhead/transceiver LC APC end face in adaptor/bulkhead/transceiver LC PC long distance in adaptor/bulkhead/transceiver LC PC long distance in adaptor/bulkhead/transceiver
Image Clarity Good Good Good Great
Centralization Good Good Good Great

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