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How to tell if a fiber optic inspection probe is good qualified or not?

With the large demand for 5G Infrastructure building, data center, and fiber network maintenance,  all varieties of fiber inspection probes are available on the market for selling. How to select one qualified end face inspector with low cost, except the clearer definition of image, the degree of concentricity of the probe is another key consideration for the final end-user.

Usually, we would like to check the only 0.125mm fine fiber core with a 400x magnifying glass inspection probe. Because of the small range of view field and high magnification requirement, it needs an excellent alignment so that it can achieve the purpose of rapid detection with ease.

So how to quickly and accurately search the image of the end face in 1-3s? Especially for the on-site operation, this excellent performance is determined by its high consistency, whereas it finally depends on the concentricity of the probe. Therefore it is most critical for the maintenance or tech personnel to identify the concentricity of the probe in selection. Below are some regular ways we would like to share for users to try and evaluate the probe performance with ease.

Identification Method One

Install the 2.5MM tip on the probe, and insert a 2.5mm optical fiber ferrule ( Like SC, FC, E2000, etc). After the focus, the image should be in the center of the display. The maximum deviation error is allowed to be half of the core size on a 3.5-inch screen. Tap the tip harder away and the image will offset the screen afterward, but it will return immediately back to the original position after the press or tap is stopped. Take a bunch of tips to replicate the process, and try with the various directions of the tips. If the image returns to the origin center each time after it is manipulated, then it shows the probe has a very good degree of concentricity. On the contrary, it will not have a qualified alignment.

Identification Method Two

Insert the probe into the data center port, quick focus, and get the image in the center. Then shake the probe left or right to check the ceramic surface. After the shake, if the image can quickly get back into the center without any influence. It shows the probe has an excellent concentricity, also it can make sure to check both fiber core area and larger field of view on ceramic edge at the same time.

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