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ES Two-in-one Regular SC FC LC Tip

The new feature design has been added on ES regular in-adaptor/ bulkhead female tips LC-PC-F, SC-PC-F, FC-PC-F. with the black plastic cap in front of the tip as different packages in the products.

What are the major benefits of the new design?

Undoubtedly, after the addition of the new black adapter, the female tips now can not only test transceiver and module but also patch cord and jumper. Technicians can just put on or off the cap to test the male or female fiber end face, the same function as 1.25mm and 2.5mm universal male tip at the same time. All the regular tips have the true and complete two-in-one function.

The new design removes tedious tips exchange work to switch one from another, it helps save time and hands greatly. Technicians can just put on or off the cap to test the male or female fiber end face, which makes the on-site inspection super simpler and easier.

Most importantly, the new design save hands and tip at the same time, it helps to lower the cost to the user and manufacturer in the way. Inspection technicians don’t have to buy one more tip, instead, an alternative one or two more plastic caps will solve all the issues, which is really “kill the two birds with one stone”.

The additional cap can also work as a protective hat to prevent any clouds of dust, dirt, or other particles from dropping into the tip. Accordingly, it can help to protect the lens inside the tip from being contaminated which helps to keep the fiber end face inspected always clean and no dot or dirt observe on the screen in the long time use.

How does the tip work?

LC PC/UPC Inspection

SC PC/UPC Inspection

FC PC/UPC Inspection

Any more other tips

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